How to define a high-end mattress: Tempurpedic

How to define a high-end mattress: Tempurpedic

For a mattress to enter the premium category, you can rely on different selection criteria. First, choose the material of your mattress. They can be foam, latex or springs. For each of these topics, there are several categories and we will see those that can be likened to luxury.

Top 2018 tempurpedic mattress reviews shows that, among the foam mattresses, the top of the range is in the memory mattresses. Also called viscoelastic foam, this material will fit the shape of your body, support your back and guarantee peaceful nights. These mattresses offer very pleasant feelings to the sleeper.

As for latex mattresses, the top of the range will be in 100% natural  latex mattresses (with a natural latex content greater than 85%). These are organic, made with natural products and very good for the body. In particular, they enjoy several areas of comfort that will support your body in several specific places. Once the material is chosen, be sure to check the following factors that bring up a mattress in the high end.

Tempur-pedic of the mattress

For latex or foam mattresses, a thickness of 18 cm is a guarantee of quality. For a spring mattress, it is good to have a thickness of 23 cm. This thickness will guarantee a better feeling of comfort, and will be synonymous with quality upholstery. Even if it is not a criterion of quality, a mattress less than 500 Euros will rarely be a luxury mattress.

You can refer a rather firm mattress, with a minimum density of 50kg / m3. A mattress is considered to be fairly firm at a density of 75kg / m3. It varies according to the models and the chosen material, but a high quality mattress must last at least 10 years, and should even ensure a lifetime between 15 and 20 years. By taking all these criteria into account, you will be able to get an idea of the expectations that a high-end mattress must meet and thus make the right choice.

The acquisition of a mattress is not a decision to be taken lightly. We spend almost a third of our lives sleeping. With an average of 7:47 per night, our mattress is an everyday object of prime importance and its purchase must be reflected.

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